The Mulligainz Method

What’s included 

Weekly Zoom calls

A Support system with me previous clients and you

Nutrition simplified step by step

Exercise guides from beginners to advanced nobody is left behind here

Exercise Demonstrations 

Competitions and challenges

€‎129 for 6 weeks

(drops to €‎50 per month thereafter)

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'' Oisin is extremely trust worthy and very approachable. I didn’t know him at the beginning of this and after a couple of days I knew he really cared and is so passionate. I have never met anyone like him as a PT. He’s more than a PT he’s honestly more like a life coach.😂 He’s helped me so much over the last number of weeks in so many ways. I will forever be grateful and will recommend him to absolutely everyone ''


‘’I couldn't recommend him enough. I've tried all the diet "quick fixes" and "diet groups" but was always miserable. Now my diet is so much better, with no real restrictions, I'm so much happier and Oisín has helped me develop a realistic and maintainable lifestyle that I actually feel confident about maintaining. I feel like I can do it now and I never would have been able to do it without him’’


The Mulligainz Method 

If you're looking for a shite personal trainer to scream and shout at you , give you torturous exercises that you fucking hate and starve you for the sake of a transformation photo - I'm not your guy and neither is this a program for you

Lose Weight

Without the struggle , or restriction the typical diets throw your way. 

Learn to keep it off forever

My Goal Is To Get You To Not Need Me Anymore

Improve Your Relationship With Body & Mind

Regain Confidence , Control

Reduce the fear surrounding the scales

Unlearn all the shite you've been taught before